Race to the finish

With only one week left, I have spent my last few days tying up loose ends.

This week I have mainly focused on finishing my larger projects at Jazz Arts Group. Therefore, I have been gathering all my observations from the summer to place into lists. I have made a recommendation list for the website; when I leave JAG, this will allow for stability within the site. I have also been putting together a spreadsheet for a yearly marketing calendar. This includes dates for press releases, e-blasts, mailings, shows, promotions and more. I have color-coded and categorized the document for ease of sorting. I have also been putting draft dates due for each item. I then sent this document to our whole office so that everyone can have an understanding of the year ahead for the marketing campaign.

After having two social media meetings this week, I have begun to put together a social media campaign as well. I am questioning who our audience is, where they receive the news, and when they should be receiving it. From there I am planning out the language we should use and what our most important messages to share include. That way I can map out our social media content for a month in advance.

Last, I have been preparing my presentation for next week at the closing luncheon. I do not want to share any spoilers, but overall it has reminded me of how much I have accomplished this summer and what great opportunities both the Jazz Arts Group and the Columbus Foundation have afforded me with. I look forward to sharing my process with not only my fellows but also co-workers of us all!

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