The Beginning of the End


As week 10 is quickly approaching, my heart has been filled with lots of lasts. As I reflect on the past ten weeks, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all of those who have invested in me to maximize my fellowship. LifeCare has proven to be an exceptional experience because of the way in which each and every person has collaborated with me during my time here. Whether it was a co-worker at the office, my supervisor, a senior at Carrie’s, or someone coming to receive a fan, each person had their own distinguishing way of providing me with an opportunity for growth and learning that I can take forward in both my professional and personal life.

The routine events I held at Carrie’s this past week became more meaningful as I realized that these were the last I would be hosting. It was the last ‘smoothie day’ in Carrie’s; the last time I would offer someone a smoothie, receive a confused look, be questioned about the ingredients, and then reluctantly, they take the smoothie, smile, and say something to the sorts of “Wow, this is delicious!” (BTW, it was delicious. Here’s the recipe.) It was the last time I called BINGO and the last time I had to hesitantly say clear your cards, trying not to make any participants angry who were close to a BINGO. It was the last time I would participate in a fan distribution, with 130+ people coming to receive a fan on a ninety-degree day. It was the last time I collaborated with those around the office to make sure the August newsletter got out on time. And of course, It was the last time I greeted a new group at Carrie’s, welcoming them and showing them what Carrie’s Cafe can offer them.

While this week was filled with lots of lasts, it only begins a new chapter with new knowledge and new opportunity. The past ten weeks have proven to me what happens when you invest yourself into your work and into building relationships with those around you. I have found these seemingly simple events I hosted and participated in to be extremely meaningful. It was through these events that I was able to get to know people at the café and create a memorable experience for those coming to Carrie’s, as well. The diligence and hard work that my projects presented certainly comes to mind when reflecting on the previous nine weeks, but what most stands out are the people I met and friends I acquired. The people at Carrie’s have continuously showed me the significance of a kind word and a simple smile, and what an impact these small gestures can have on one’s day. As I approach the last days of my fellowship, I plan to stay busy by spending time in the café, wrapping up my projects, and preparing for my presentation, to hopefully forget that the goodbyes are upcoming soon. Here’s to week ten!

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