Sprinting towards the finish

I can hardly believe that the days left in my fellowship are in the single digits.I mentioned earlier on in the summer that we were exploring doing a mural in the room we are shifting into a teen center at Southpoint. I had looked at techniques using a projector to get a mural design traced on the wall and painted. I started to become concerned that trying to DIY the mural was beyond my capabilities, and after some discussion Concord agreed to commission an artist to work on the project. Linda, the Clinical Director at Southpoint, connected me with Eliza Ho to pick her brain about the process she uses to create murals. Eliza is the creative director at ALTernative, an agency whose mission is to utilize the power of art and design to improve Columbus neighborhoods and improve the life of its community members. Eliza has led many community mural projects in Columbus in different communities including the Near East side and Franklinton.

Eliza and I spoke about the intent behind the mural project, and I was impressed that she understood right away that the process of creating the mural is as much or more important than the end product. She shared with me the process that she usually goes through when working with a community, and we discussed how this could be adapted with the teens. This week Eliza will meet with the teens for the first time to start the process of brainstorming and coming up with a vision for the mural’s design. I will be continuing to stay involved in the project past my fellowship time, and am very excited to see what it becomes.

This weekend I am getting ready for our Back to School Carnival, tying up loose ends and working on my final presentation. I am also thinking about what I am going to do to recharge after my fellowship ends, and I have a short break before my final year of grad school begins.

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