Week 9, Feelin’ Fine

A little something to know about me: I hate endings. When I was younger, I used to always read the end of a book first–that way I wouldn’t be surprised by anything. I tend to avoid watching the finales of TV shows because they just make me too emotional. And when I first listened to the “Hamilton” soundtrack, I refused to continue on to Act 2 for weeks because I didn’t want to (spoiler alert! …can history be spoiled?) listen to the songs about Alexander Hamilton’s death.

So it should come as no surprise that I’m not looking forward to the end of this summer and the end of my fellowship through the Foundation. But as week 9 sailed by, I couldn’t help but feel content with the work I’ve been doing at KIPP. My fantastic supervisor left to take her dream job (best of luck, Ann!), but before she left she made sure that her new replacement and I were able to take over. This week, we were knee-deep in creating new and exciting data spreadsheets. What really struck me during this ninth week was just how comfortable I’ve become in my work at KIPP. From being the quiet intern who kept her head down in the office, slightly afraid of making too much eye contact, I’ve now become a member of the team. I feel confident in the reports that I create, and I’m not scared to ask for individual meetings with my coworkers to go over what they’d like to see in new data trackers. Not only have my spreadsheets improved greatly, but so has my confidence and my ability to function efficiently in the workplace. My penultimate week was incredibly busy, from attending meetings on future KIPP practices to coming up with new formulas for some spreadsheets–and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I love the feeling of running around the office and being constantly handed new assignments. To be honest, I work way better under pressure. With the school year rapidly approaching (and my continuing internship with KIPP in the fall!), week 9 flew by in a blur of furious typing, e-mailing, and chatting with my coworkers–and I had a blast.

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