Final goodbye

At our community carnival this past Tuesday, I was responsible for doing the face painting. I grossly underestimated how popular this activity would be, and over the course of a couple hours painted the face of what seemed like almost every child who lived in a five-mile radius. As I painted spiders and hearts and turtles and peace signs I got to talk to almost every kid I’ve worked with this summer. It felt so good to experience in my final week having so many of the families together in one place, enjoying an event that I helped to put on.

At the end of this week I’ll start recharging my batteries until my final year of grad school gets into full swing on August 23rd. This fellowship has helped me to think with more nuance about what I see in my future career as a social worker. My second year field placement (fancy term for internship) will be at The Buckeye Ranch, an agency that is near and dear to my heart. I will be in their community based programs, learning a best practice model for family therapy. With the training I received in my first year, I’ll be looking at having my own clients as early as late fall.

Part of the reason I chose social work over other disciplines is its holistic focus on the person in their environment. Working with the teens and families at Southpoint has reminded me that helping any individual requires not just considering them, not just considering their family, but considering their whole community. My fellowship experience as reminded me that the field I am in is very diverse and there are a lot of avenues to create change. After graduate school my goal is work as a community based therapist, but long term I think I want to broaden my vision.

I’m so thankful to Concord Counseling and The Columbus Foundation for giving me this opportunity. At the moment I am preparing for our final presentations in a couple hours. I’ve run through my Pecha Kucha presentation so many times I feel like I could recite it in my sleep. But we’ll see how it goes in front of a big group. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the other ladies in my cohort, and can’t wait to see them shine today.

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