The Sendoff

Today is my last day as a Columbus Foundation Summer Fellow. Some might see this as a sad day, but instead I view it as a form of graduation. I will be able to say I have completed a challenging, enlightening, and extraordinary program through the Columbus Foundation. And as a form of commencement, we will be sharing our final presentations today in front of not only our fellows, but also our co-workers and bosses.

Creating the final presentation forced me to think back into the past ten weeks and relive all that I have experienced and accomplished. From networking, to branding, fundraising to event planning, I have a whole new set of skills under my belt that I am excited to apply to new roles.

So what does my future hold for me after today? Beyond finishing my last semester at The Ohio State University and teaching dance classes at a local studio, I will also be applying to jobs within the Columbus area. This program has given me the opportunity to try new things and see whether I would enjoy these tasks as part of a career. Therefore, I have been able to narrow my focus into some sectors of the workforce:

  • I would like to work with people.
  • I want to be surrounded by the arts in some capacity.
  • I want to work with engagement and/or communication.
  • I want to be working towards a mission that I believe in and share passions toward.
  • And mostly, I want to be surrounded by people that challenge me, support me, and believe in the talents that I posses.

Overall, I am nothing but grateful to both the Columbus Foundation and the Jazz Arts Group for awarding me with such an experience and believing in me to make a change in some capacity.



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