Starting at The Columbus Metropolitan Library

Hi! My name is Paul d’Hyver and I am a senior at Ohio State studying integrated business and engineering. Over the next couple of months, I will be working with the development team of the Columbus Metropolitan Library Foundation (CMLF).

CMLF just finished a huge capital campaign, where they raised around $20 million as part of their renovation project “vision 2020.” CML has a network of 22 libraries across the Columbus area and as a part of this project, many of the branches will be completely rebuilt or updated and renovated. The Dublin branch has a lot of visitors and high circulation, therefore it will be completely rebuilt and doubled in size. To accomplish this, there is a gap of about $2 million in funds, so this will be my focus during my time here.

Over the next 5 months, I will help to plan the capital campaign to raise the needed funds to finalize the Dublin branch renovation.

The development team is comprised of 9 people and they all have different roles. I will work mainly with the development director and the fundraising manager, although I have already received help and learned information from some of the other team members.

During my first week, I read a lot of information and talked to a variety of people in order to understand all aspects of development at the library at a deeper level, specially concerning the Dublin project.

After catching up to speed, I leveraged existing documents to write a new campaign plan and to begin writing documents such as a committee description. Although I did not have much guidance writing these new documents, I found it helpful to take initiative to give it a try and then submit it for feedback. This helped me learn quicker and showed my manager and director that I am willing to learn and that I can be responsible for the tasks they need me to complete.

For the remainder of my time here, my main tasks will be to update and finalize the campaign plan, create a gift table to ensure we can raise all the needed funds, perform a lot of prospect research, and create profiles for these prospects.


If you want to learn more about the library, go to their website here:

Also, here is a picture I took during my first day with a hat they used at a big celebration event called the Celebration of Learning:





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