Fundraising and Development at Mid-Ohio Foodbank

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Professional Headshot.jpgMy name is Caroline Mashni and my fellowship placement is with Mid-Ohio Foodbank. I am currently a senior at THE Ohio State University pursuing a double major in Public Affairs and Spanish. Here at OSU I like to stay busy and am involved in the Office of Student Life’s Community Service Cohort, referred to as Pay it Forward, my sorority Alpha Xi Delta, and The Girls Circle Project. In my free time, I like to relax  in the great outdoors and explore Columbus Metropolitan Parks, travel and practice my Spanish, and cheer on Buckeye football.

My experience at Mid-Ohio Foodbank has been incredible so far. Their mission is “to end hunger one nourishing meal at a time and to co-create a sustainable community where everyone thrives”. More than 650 community organizations pair with MOF to distribute the food to community members, which amounted to 66.5 million pounds of food last year. I am so grateful for this opportunity to grow and learn from all of the truly wonderful individuals at Mid-Ohio Foodbank in the coming months. I am constantly amazed at the intelligence, passion, and thoughtfulness of every team member I meet.

For my development and fundraising fellowship project, I will be creating marketing pieces about all of the diverse programs at Mid-Ohio Foodbank. They will be used to inform individuals, government agencies, and businesses about the immense impact of MOF programs and how they can be involved in these efforts to end hunger. I am beginning by looking at Fresh Food programs and how they provide fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, and dairy products to individuals across MOF’s 20-county service area.

To learn more about Mid-Ohio Foodbank, visit their website:

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