Getting down to work

Hello all!

This past month has been great here at Equitas Health. I have begun really getting into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to create a new initiative within a already established event. For me the biggest learning curve has been getting other’s approval on things before moving forward. Often times as a student you work alone and can power through a project in a night if you really want to. Even with group assignments, everyone usually divides up parts and then is set free to complete their section as they see fit. That is not always the case in the ‘real world’. Especially as an intern here, I need/want to make sure that everything I am working on gets approved by my supervisor before sending it to anyone else. Luckily my supervisor is fantastic and is always willing to read over my work and offer constructive criticism to help me improve. Heather Llewellyn is the Development & Special Events Manager and has been instrumental in helping me adjust to the work place and getting me up to speed with the rest of AIDS Walk Ohio and our Red Ribbon Project. Figuring out the correct pathway to get products or ideas approved has been my main focus in addition to creating the products or idea. So far I have had a good experience with people looking over my work where it gets to have a lot of eyes on it, but the reviewing and approving process is not unnecessarily long.

            I will be leaving for a few weeks to go home for winter break but I intend to use this time to work from home and  brainstorm to return in 2017 raring to go. We plan to begin pushing the Walk and the creation of teams and fundraising goals as early as the end of this month as well as a big push in early 2017. We have plans to push the AIDS Walk Ohio Red Ribbon Project (AWORRP) in a multitude of platforms to reach as wide of an audience as possible.

            I would like to set some goals for myself before the next time I post: 1. I would like to be more confidant approaching co-workers that I am less familiar with for help or suggestions, and 2. I would like to have at least one of my commemorative signs sold. Wish me luck and I will check back in in 2017! Happy Holidays!

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