2017 at Mid-Ohio Foodbank

As we enter into the new year of 2017, things have been moving along swiftly at Mid-Ohio Foodbank. On December 14th, MOF celebrated its annual “Double Your Donation Day”. NBC4 hosted a phone bank, where volunteers took donation calls. I spent the day in the walk-in room at Mid-Ohio Foodbank, meeting committed community members who wanted to make their donation in person. It was extremely rewarding to see all of the individuals who wanted to be a part of addressing food insecurity in Central Ohio and took time out of their day to visit the Foodbank. Overall, the day was tremendously successful and it was great to see the incredible impact that the Columbus community could have when we come together for an important cause.

I have also been making a lot of progress on my specific project. Using the information I gathered from meetings with our Development directors, the Agency Services team, and the Corporate Engagement team, I began to craft several pieces. These pieces will be used to inform corporate and individual donors about the impact of Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s fresh foods initiatives that work to alleviate food insecurity amongst children, seniors, and Franklin County residents. They are brief pieces, each one page long and tell the story of a client. It has been very rewarding reading through many inspirational and moving client stories. After finishing these concise pieces, I will start constructing more detailed documents that can be used for grant writing and reporting purposes.


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