Late December Post – Giving Tuesday

This blog should’ve been posted a while ago, but with the new year and last semester of school, things got a bit crazy.

One of the most interesting things I learned this month, regarding fundraising, is how powerful bringing the community together can be. I learned this after seeing what happened in Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday and is supposed to be a day where people help their communities by donating money. Leveraging the use of social media, many organizations communicate with their constituents to and try to maximize the number of donations during that day. This is very popular and effective because many people like to donate towards the end of the year so this is a good time. Additionally, this happens around the Holidays and many people participate, so others feel as if not only are they helping but they are also joining in a movement.

To capitalize on this idea of a movement, one donor called the library and said he would donate $5,000 that day, only if other donors could match the amount. Typically, matching gifts are much larger and come from known donors in the community. This time, it didn’t happen this way, but since it was Giving Tuesday, it was easy for the library to spread the word online and reach a lot of people. Various donors started to feel as if they were working together towards meeting the $5,000 goal. The excitement of working together with others and the strong desire to reach the goal even prompted some donors to call and ask about the status of the goal because they were ready to donate again in order to succeed.

I write about his because I thought t was a very interesting and successful movement, and it shows how much greater things can be accomplished when people work together and they work under the right incentives.

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