Blood, Sweat, and Tears in the Development Game

Well this month is full of problem solving and working with our top fundraisers to make sure they are happy. Programs and planning are driving at full force and we are working on sending out our tear pads to bars as another way to raise incremental dollars.

In the process of making these tear pads I re-learned that hand-eye coordination is vital in all tasks. I lost a good chunk of my fingernail to the paper cutter and I was a bit of mess while my lovely co-worker helped me out. (Have I mentioned how amazing the people are here?) Anyway we are moving forward and I attempting to contribute to this project in other ways that do not involved very sharp blades.

This week I am focusing on registering teams and working on behind the scenes tasks. One of my favorite aspects of working the development field is the traveling. While I am by no means doing week-long excursions, even just traveling to different work places, meetings across town and bars to work with donors has been stimulating and keeps the days feeling new and exciting! There is always something new happening and a new problem to conquer.

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