Project Progress and Association of Fundraising Professionals Event

Hello All,

At the Foodbank I have been making a lot of steady progress on my project of creating Development Marketing pieces. These pieces focus on several different vulnerable populations and how the issue of food insecurity affects that population, as well as how the work of the food distribution network supported by Mid-Ohio Foodbank aims to address this issue and provide individuals with the fresh, healthy food they need.

 In addition to the work at our organizations, we fellows also have access to networking opportunities through the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). I recently attended one of the monthly educational events that AFP puts on. This month’s theme was Metrics and Major Gifts and featured a presentation and discussion facilitated by a fundraising professional. Honestly it was a bit intimidating being the youngest and least experienced person in the room, but I was lucky to have another fellow with me, and a couple of my colleagues from the Foodbank saved us a spot at their table. It was a great experience just observing the presentation and learning from the other fundraising professionals’ insights. I also met some individuals from other organizations that were eager to share their knowledge and experience with me, and I was surprised to hear about the diversity of career opportunities available in Fundraising.  Although there were a few topics of conversation and ideas that I did not completely comprehend (again, due to my lack of experience in fundraising), I was grateful for the Fellowship for giving me the opportunity to attend and get exposure to new ideas. I walked away excited at the thought of pursuing a career in Fundraising and Development. I hope to attend future events!

Until next time,


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