February Side Projects

Something interesting about working on a smaller team is that a lot of cross collaboration happens. Every one on the development team has a specific role, whether that is gift processing, annual giving or capital campaigns, however, each team member knows the other projects and often helps coworkers.

I have worked with other corporation in the past, and due to scale, people focus a lot more on their individual tasks and not so much cross-collaboration occurs. There are many benefits to this phenomenon such as a higher sense of purpose since each worker touches and understands every aspect of the operation, as well as higher overall productivity by preventing boredom from repetitive tasks.

Personally, I have benefited from this by having the opportunity to learn new skill and be exposed to many areas within the organization.

My main task when I started was to work with the capital campaign team to plan the silent phase of the Dublin campaign. Throughout my time at CML, I have also helped with building additional lists, analyzing data from previous events, and using queries to find relevant information.

I am excited to keep learning and hopefully to keep helping CML as well.

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