One event down, one to go!

This month things are really starting to crank up for AIDS Walk Ohio here at Equitas Health. And I am sure I will say that again next month! Last week was the AIDS Walk Ohio Bar Crawl and it went fantastically! No major hiccups and everyone had a great time. There were a ton of walk-ups which means we made well over what we thought we were going to, which in the fundraising world is always fantastic. As we begin the push to really finalize details for AIDS Walk I am working on securing in-kind donations for our volunteers. Something that this department really focuses on, that I admire, is recognizing those that support us. Our volunteers, our sponsors, the bars that have helped out, all the vendors that will be assisting us the day of, all of our walkers and especially our Grand Walkers (those that raise over $1,000). We want to make sure they know how much we appreciate their help by giving them special shout-outs. I think this is both strategic and coming from a place of sincere gratitude. Without these people, Equitas Health and this Walk could not happen.

Something else I would like to discuss during this month’s blog post is AFP. I am currently the Secretary for the Association of Fundraising Professional’s collegiate chapter at The Ohio State University. I wanted to take the time to plug this group because 1. Anyone who is reading this blog is more than likely interested in fundraising and 2. I believe this club is so beneficial to all who are interested in pursuing any career in a nonprofit. This past semester we have had a career panel and a professional writing workshop with more professional mixers to come. I believe this club, for those attending Ohio State, is incredibly helpful. There are other collegiate chapters around, most close in proximity being Otterbein’s chapter, and there is a very active NextGen group who are young professionals in the field. We constantly get invited to AFP events and luncheons all at a reduced cost and most often for free. The subjects range from resume building, how to perfect the ask, how to negotiate a salary dialogue, and other professional development topics. If you have any interest or want to hear more please feel free to reach out to me or email

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