Week One

Hello! My name is Quinn Lentz and this summer I’ll be completing a fellowship with the Hoover YMCA Park. I just graduated from The Ohio State University this May with a degree in Economics and minors in Spanish and Nonprofit Studies. I’m thrilled to begin this fellowship and thus far have been welcomed to the Hoover Y by an incredibly friendly and warm staff, which includes a rambunctious Australian Shepherd puppy that patrols the garden alongside our garden manager.  

FullSizeRender (2)

Milo, our garden mascot

This summer I’ll be responsible for bringing more attention to the learning garden located here at the Hoover Y Park through social media, community events centered around gardening and food, and volunteer coordination. I’m also working on developing educational materials for the YMCA campers who visit us to learn about growing healthy food. These materials will explore the importance of growing food locally and organically and will take the campers through a hands on gardening experience.


hoop house 2

The hoop house

Though in past years the Hoover Y has run a community supported agriculture program (in which subscriptions are sold and subscribers receive fresh produce each week), this year, garden produce will instead be donated to local organizations fighting hunger. Included in these donations will be a recipe card and short newsletter that I put together each week to keep the community updated on garden activities.

garden 2

The one acre learning garden

Beyond the garden, I’ll be documenting the many events that take place on the Hoover Y grounds, including weddings and graduation parties. These photos will also be shared on our social media sites to help promote our rental facilities.


My passion for food and food justice brought me to community gardening in Columbus about a year and a half ago. It’s exciting and encouraging to be always surrounded by people who share my passion and want to make positive change, and the Hoover YMCA Park is no exception to this. I’m looking forward to bringing my experiences to the Hoover Y and helping the learning garden here grow.

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