Keeping Green Alive in Columbus

Hello Everyone, my name is Jake Humphrey! I am currently an incoming third year at The Ohio State University. I am pursuing a degree in Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability specializing in International Development with a double major in Public Policy, Leadership, and Management. This summer, I will be working with Green Columbus, a small environmental non-profit dedicated to furthering environmental education and participation in the Greater Columbus Area.

There are essentially three aspects of my role at Green Columbus throughout the next 10 weeks: hands on environmental work, researching green spaces, and experiential learning about the non-profit sector.

First, I will be gaining hands on experience working in environmental education through a partnership with Godman Guild. Godman Guild is a non-proftit organization dedicated to education within the city of Columbus. They host approximately 150 interns between the ages of 14 and 24, of which will gain a real-life work experience for 4 weeks. Due to my background in sustainability, I will be working with the 14 and 15 year old age group as they will be working on environmental and sustainability projects. The program is called KEYS, and will begin on Monday the 12th.

Second, I will be writing a formal report on the use of green spaces both here in Columbus and other cities around the country. The goal with this aspect of the fellowship is to comprise a report of potential partners and resources in Columbus to further the city’s development of green spaces. I will be researching and studying the utilization of community gardens, revitalization of vacant lots into green spaces (e.g. pocket parks), and further initiatives involving green roofs.

Third, throughout the summer I hope to gain insight into the non-profit sector. I am a firm believer in experiential learning simply because the classroom cannot teach you everything. During this summer, I have set goals to learn more about the following areas of non-profit operations: grant writing and application process, take part in professional meetings, community engagement initiatives, and conduct interviews with local non-profit and environmental leaders.

I am absolutely thrilled and honored to be a Columbus Foundation Fellow this summer. I have high expectations that this summer will further my development both personally and professionally.



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