#Blog4Blog: blogging left and right

Hello again!

First off–let me give you a more formal introduction! My name is Kelsie Fields, and I just graduated from THE Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Italian. I have a huge passion for international issues, women’s access to education, and other related causes like immigration. With that being said, I discovered my passion for nonprofits in college and decided it was the path I would take in order to have an impact on global issues. I see my work with nonprofit organizations not only as a career but also as a pathway–a way to use certain skills to interact with issues on the ground.

Now to more music related things! This week’s post is inspired by our brand new Westerville Symphony blog! Sean, the Executive Director, and I had the idea that starting a blog would be a great way to keep our patrons up to date with what we are doing at the Symphony, and so we made it happen! The blog is called Da Capo, which in Italian means “from the top”. The blog will be posted weekly, and it will include press releases for our events, insider interviews with the musicians, and other fun pieces about symphony music in general!

Again, our goal at the Symphony is to attract not only dedicated patrons to events but also new and fresh audiences. We believe in the power of the arts to change communities, and we want to see as many people engaging with the arts as possible. We are hoping that the blog will attract new individuals to our organization and provide fun insights for our current patrons. Follow along with our adventures, both now and in the future, at westervillesymphony.wordpress.com!

First blog post!

Sneak peak of our first blog post!

In addition to starting the blog, I worked on our website this week, designed marketing materials for our upcoming 5k, and had a meeting with a board member. I look forward to sharing more adventures with you soon!

Go bucks!

Kelsie Fields

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