Digging Right In

Week 2 has been a whirlwind! After getting acquainted with the House and the services that it offers, this week I have been busy digging right into my major projects for the summer. I began by reading over several communications plans, which provided me with a template for the plan that I will be creating next week, and I created some strategic communications goals for the Vehicle Donation Program that I am working on. Aspects of the plan that I and the rest of the Marketing and Communications team come up with will be implemented both locally and nationally, which is very exciting!! I also got a lot of experience with data analysis this week, as I looked at RMH’s marketing information on CSA Today and created a document highlighting the leading media/interpersonal sources that cause people to donate vehicles as well as the most prominent locations for donors by neighborhood and zip code. Though finding percentages and analyzing data isn’t really my favorite thing in the world, this task became a lot more meaningful when I recognized the impact that it would make. Knowing exactly which neighborhoods our most frequent donors live in will allow us to direct our communications plan accordingly to strategically target those areas. It is amazing how much work goes into creating a strategy for these kinds of programs! After the analysis, I was able to meet with my supervisor, Ryan, to go over the strategic goals that I have created, and they will be integrated into my communications plan next week!

I have also really enjoyed continuing to tag along at different events and learn about other aspects of the organization and the families that it serves. This week, I attended a brainstorming session for the pop tab fundraising program, which was very interesting because it allowed me to compare and contrast that program with the program that I am working with. The pop tab program is bigger than you might think-the house receives hundreds of thousands of them every year and the money from the recycled metal goes right back into the mission of serving children and families. (On that note, friendly reminder: save your pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House!!) I also enjoyed some meals in the dining room with the families this week, which was an awesome experience. It was so cool to sit back and observe the guests who are here from all walks of life and how they are able to come together for meals multiple times a day, and it truly resembles one big family.

In addition, I had the opportunity to help edit a proposal for a company that is considering partnering with RMH about what that partnership might look like. I got to work with Lynne, the graphic designer, to re-vamp the visual pieces of the proposal and tap into my creative side, which was a lot of fun.

The end of the week was also awesome again-this morning began with a delicious breakfast served by staff members and reporters from NBC 4, who work very closely with the House and support its events all the time. After breakfast, I received a lei to wear-just because it’s Friday-from my co-workers Lynne and Steph (who are a lot of fun to work with by the way) at the office space that we affectionately call “the beach”, hung out with the Henry, the labradoodle therapy dog, and enjoyed my second “Food Truck Friday” which involved some Graeter’s ice cream and a live band. This is a pretty cool place!!



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  1. em says:

    I’m glad you’re getting to experience campaign creation and working with a graphic designer!

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