Week 2: envisioning success

Hey, you. Welcome to my second weekly update on my Summer Fellowship experience at DSC.

This week has included a lot of necessary moments of pause *heavy, deep breathing.* Being the Type-A poster child that I am, work tasks can become overwhelming. I like planners and lists. I especially like when things get crossed off in an orderly fashion. Well, the real world doesn’t have polished deadlines. Things change. Task A needs finished by 5 PM but OH NO! what about Task B that really should be finished by Noon? *heavier, deeper breathing.*

During our Fellow’s Learning Session this week, we discussed the importance of prioritizing. Advice was given on how to enter into each day assessing the important tasks that must be done first. With this in mind, I approached this week rolling with the punches. I made my schedule and hoped for the best.

On my drive to work one morning, I wanted to prepare myself for crossing off all the final to-dos of the week. I listened to an episode on the Getting Things Done podcast. I figured that should rally me up. The episode was called “Making Changes Stick” by David Allen. Allen discussed visualization techniques as a form of goal setting. He gave an example of a person going into a meeting envisioning it being unproductive, which causes the outcome to be unproductive. If the same person goes into the same meeting envisioning productivity, the outcome will be productive. Nothing can become reality unless it is first envisioned. This method was even applied to train Olympic athletes. Research showed the ultimate ratio of success being 70% visual training and only 30% physical training (Allen).

Ever heard of fake it til’ you make it? Yeah, it really works. Things didn’t happen this week in the order I had hoped. Arrows were drawn all over my weekly schedule. I even had to work from home one day due to illness. But you know what? That is okay. Everything got done. I envisioned the result, and it became the outcome.

– Karlee H.



Allen, David. (Producer). (2017, June 16). GTD [Audio podcast].
Retrieved from http://itunes.apple.com

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