Week Two


I am nearing the end of my second week at CMA and while I reflect on the last five days, I have learned most about the people I am working with and the places I am working in. My workplace is in the CMA studio – a room filled with paper covered tables, endless supplies, and creative people. Rachel Silva, Studio Programs and Outreach Coordinator, has spoken to me this week about the role that the studio plays here at the museum. It is a space where outrageous ideas are welcomed and where, “Yeah! Let’s try it” is encouraged.

One of the mantras recited here is that creativity is like a muscle and therefore it needs exercised and practiced. Everyone has creativity and it comes in many forms. To think like an artist, one must: play, reflect, collaborate, experiment, observe, accept ambiguity, imagine, and be curious.

One of my favorite programs run in the studio is, Open Studio. All ages are welcome and participants join on a drop-in basis free of charge with admission to the museum. In Open Studio, a big idea is explored by participants by creating work from a group of curated materials. I think it is very important for families to have a space to work through problem and develop solutions with one another.

This Monday is my first Summer Art Workshop (SAW) and I cannot wait. I will be coordinating for teaching artist, Mark Ebarhardt for his workshop titled, “Marvelous Beasts and How to Make Them”. He has exciting activities planned for the fourth and fifth graders who have signed up such as block printing, creating moving images, and creating artwork of monsters based on written or spoken descriptions. Stay tuned to hear about how my first week coordinating SAW goes! I anticipate fun photos documenting the week of exploring, learning, and creating.

See ya next week,




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