A Collaboration in the Works

Hey everyone. Just to remind you guys, my name is Jake Humphrey; and I am a current Columbus Foundation Summer Fellow working with Green Columbus. As part of my duties at Green Columbus, I will be collaborating with another non-profit, Godman Guild Association, to provide environmental education to a select group of 14 and 15 year old students. My role at the Guild will consist of leading the program twice a week. Last week I was able to begin the orientation for the summer program with the children, as well as starting the educational aspect yesterday.

The orientation with the children unfolded just as any other orientation does: a lot of paperwork and icebreakers. While all of us dread the idea of icebreakers, it was actually quite enjoyable to facilitate some of the activities. It was amazing to see some people break out of their shells and to see how groups work both efficiently and inefficiently together. I was not able to participate fully in the orientation because it spanned the entire week; however, it went very well on the days that I was in attendance.

After the orientation week, the students started the program in full this week. So far, I have only met with them one day, but things seem to be going well. Yesterday, I was able to teach the students about the three pillars of sustainability (environmental conservation, social development, and economic development), and how those three pillars can be related back to our lives in Columbus.

In addition to the first day of the program, I was able to sit in on a meeting regarding the planning of the rest of the program. We discussed different educational areas of interest, possible field trips, and activities all related to sustainability and the environment. All in all, I think that the youth program and collaboration with the Godman Guild will be a great learning experience for me, and I am extremely excited to continue working with the association throughout the summer.

Until next time,


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