Planning with Purpose

I learned a lot from a brainstorming session that I had with Lynne and Steph (from the Marketing and Communications team) about my general project idea this week. We talked about target audience, goals, and focus-and hearing them reflect on their own creative processes really opened my eyes to some “behind the scenes” aspects of communications that I had never considered before. Their questions caused me to think a lot more deeply about the campaign that I’m creating, why I’m creating it, and what I hope to accomplish with it. This re-focusing guided my work through the rest of the week and helped me to recognize the significance of each step. I created a poster board full of notes, sketches, and bullet points that lays out my ideas visually and also includes content about my overarching goals for the program. The board has already proven extremely helpful-both for myself and the times that I feel stuck in all the details, and for effectively explaining the campaign to others without forgetting to include important aspects.


This is only a tiny section of one of our storage rooms. So many supplies are needed to run this House! This particular section is full of toys that will be given to kids at Christmas time and other special events throughout the year.

I’ve also learned more about the magnitude of the House and all that it takes to run it this week. Multiple storage rooms are filled from end to end with supplies for the families and we still frequently run out of important items. (Side note: follow RMHC of Central Ohio on social media and check out our #WishListWednesday posts to see what kinds of donations are currently needed!) Yesterday, we had more than three times as many families who wanted a room as there were rooms available, and the house is frequently at maximum capacity (there are 137 rooms). There are so many ways that this organization is continuing to grow and expand, and these things are motivating to me because they demonstrate that growth and expansion is absolutely necessary, and that the House is truly making a difference in a massive number of families’ lives.


It was a beautiful night for a baseball game at Huntington Park!


Henry the therapy dog shows his excitement that it’s Friday!!

Finally, on Thursday night, I had the opportunity to go to my first Columbus Clippers game with other interns from the fellowship, and I had a blast! It was so fun to hang out and to get to know some of them on a more personal level, and I think that the passion and creativity that they all have for their projects and the organizations they are working for is so inspiring!

-Courtney Fulton


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