Week 2: Why Columbus Children’s Choir?

Hello again! This is my official second week as a summer Fellow and I am still loving every minute of it. Research is going well and we have received some great feedback!

This week I thought I would share why I wanted to work for Columbus Children’s Choir. Creative arts have been a huge part of my life since I was very little. I would say if it was not for the arts, I do not know how I would express myself. I did sports, science, girl scouts, etc but what always grabbed my attention and connected with me was music and art. When my parents and I found ways to be involved in music and art my life completely changed! That was constant from elementary to college. The choir was the catalyst; it provided a group where I could make friends, travel, and express myself. Choir also instilled a sense of long-term commitment for me. There are many benefits to joining a children’s choir such as learning other language forms like sign language and Latin, choral and classical music, and learning new instruments. Overall, choir provided an exquisite learning experience.

Fast forward to Columbus Children’s Choir! These kids are incredible! They remind me of my choir experience all of the time. Today, the Summer Singers program, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Columbus, concluded with a mini concert. The kids learned Greek, Zulu, American Folk music, and basic drum rhythms in FIVE days! It amazes me every day how fast we can learn languages when music is used as a learning tool! The directors collaborated by teaching drums and music to facilitate teaching rhythmic ability, musical style, and other concepts. If you all had listened to these kids, you would have thought they had been practicing for weeks! The effect music has on a person’s ability to learn surpasses our imagination.

Lastly, below are pictures from this week’s program! The kids were wonderful and had a really great time!


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