Westerville: a hidden gem

(Kelsie Fields, Westerville Symphony)

Because we are such a small, community based nonprofit, we rely strongly on our board, partners, and community members. In particular, small business and shops that help us promote our events, give donations, and more. Because of this, at least once a week, my boss and I take a little walk around downtown to familiarize me with the local businesses. This will be important not only for direct fundraising efforts, but also for context. Understanding the neighborhood and demographics of Westerville allows us to more creatively and effectively reach our target audiences.

Westerville is more charming than I knew before starting work here. Flower-lined streets provide the perfect path for a lunch-break walk, and Otterbein’s campus is a hidden gem in and of itself. This week on our walk, we came across a local farmers’ market! In fact, it is a recurring market that takes place right down the street every fourth Friday of the month!


This week, we also concentrated on some professional development, and I attended a few webinars about nonprofit technology. I also updated some of our sponsor and donation documents in preparation for the fundraiser next month. I also used this week to do a bit of planning–who to reach out to, where to distribute flyers, and other necessary parts of planning a large fundraiser. There are many small but important details that go into event planning, and it’s important to stay organized in order to keep it all together!

And just like all other nonprofits–we had meetings! Because we have a partnership with Otterbein University, we communicate with them frequently regarding music, event space, and more.


And I’m sure others will write about this as well, but yesterday, we all attended the Clippers game! What’s more Columbus than that?! The other fellows are genuine and smart, and I’m thankful to be a part of such a great group!


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