Week Three!

Well, it’s officially the beginning of my fourth week at LeaderSpark, and you know what that means… I’m already behind on blog posts!! So consider this one your catch all for weeks 2 & 3. And I promise I’ll try to be better 🙂

Week Two was a lot, a lot, a LOT of tying up loose ends that we didn’t know we had with the Achieve Summer Work Program (to refresh your memory, this is the program we are partnering to put on with the Boys & Girls Club of Columbus). This means that I was back and forth again quite a bit, but it was really great to start building relationships with not only the people working with LeaderSpark, but also the humans working on the other half of the program from B&G Club. I’m a pretty heavily relationship focused person, so new people and strangers are just friends I haven’t met yet!

But I have to admit, the best part of Week Two was definitely on Tuesday. I stayed later that day than I usually do and went with my boss, Kay, to the Juvenile Detention Center downtown. LeaderSpark does a program with the youth there each week, and even just sitting in on the program was such a neat experience. I love being a part of this organization– these incredible people that show so much compassion and love for youth that other people have turned their backs on. I am in the right place. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, and Tuesday really confirmed that for me.

So Week Three! What a time! I spent Week Three doing odds and ends tasks for Kay and Solomon, but one that took the majority of the week was researching and adding a resource to LeaderSpark’s website. Kay came to me with the mission of making our webpage into a resource for the community, so (per quite a bit of work that she had done before my time) I added a drop down menu on the website in which community members can find support throughout the Columbus community if they are bored, homeless, hungry, on a college-career path, a parent, and so much more. I’m really hoping that the community takes advantage of this because it’s literally a one stop shop for all kinds of support.

I just want to say one more time, too, how much I appreciate working for an organization that cares so deeply about people. Man, is that cool.


Until next week, my friends


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