Permeating Non-Profit Operations

This week I’d like to share with you a few events where I was able to permeate the operations of a small non-profit. To refresh everyone’s memory, my name is Jake and I am working with Green Columbus throughout the duration of the Columbus Foundation Summer Fellowship. This week I was able to participate in some small, yet very important events that define how a small non-profit operates.

First, I was able to sit in on a meeting with a potential future partner for Green Columbus’ Earth Day celebration: COSI. My supervisor and I met with some representatives of COSI to discuss a potential partnership moving forward. COSI has an amazing facility, and is currently constructing a new park outside of their organization; not only will this space be perfect for hosting Green Columbus’ Earth Day celebration, but also COSI’s partnership will further the education aspect of the event. This meeting was an incredible experience for me, as I was able to participate in the beginning of a promising sustainable partnership between two organizations.

Second, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity of sitting in on an executive board meeting for Green Columbus. By participating in this meeting, I was able to see the “backbone” of the organization at full working capacity. It was awesome to see young professionals collaborating to create an effective agenda in respect to moving forward with the organization.

Third, I had the chance to attend an event to celebrate the merging of the county and city’s Land Bank departments. The event was an excellent experience for learning how to professionally network with environmental leaders in the Columbus area. A lot of times, we only learn how to network; but it was nice to put what I’ve learned into practice at an actual event.

All-in-all, this past week was filled with great experiences and opportunities for learning about the operations of a non-profit. I hope next week is just as informational.

– Jake

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