Week 3: productively waiting

The theme of the week: productively waiting.

This week felt pretty stagnant at DSC. The two weeks prior were dedicated to preparing for the 2017 Buckeye Golf Classic and to sending out our Request for Proposal (RFP) to prospective marketing firms. This week, however, felt very in-between. I attended a couple meetings and discussed future projects with my supervisor, the Director of Development, Amy. It included a lot of, “Ok what does DSC need?” and, “How can I practically help?” Amy and I came up with some filler projects for me to work on: social media, the brochure, data integration, and shadowing other departments.

The biggest challenge has been being productive in marketing before working with a firm. The RFP included a request for a marketing evaluation as well as a branding campaign. I do have a background in content marketing, but I am definitely not a designer. After recently transitioning to a new website platform, there is a lot of work to be done. I reached out to our Marketing Director, Marsha Moore, and asked her permission to begin copy-editing the website content. She agreed and I began editing the text of the website.

I learned a lot about how work consists of projects and the space in between. I could just spend my time curling my hair between my fingers before we begin our marketing project… or I could find ways to kick start the process. From the beginning of week one at DSC, I knew I wanted to offer as much of myself as I could during the time I am here. Ten weeks is truly not a copious amount of time, but I want to make a lasting difference somehow. That mentality takes a lot of work, and creativity, to insure my work is meaningful. For now, this means learning DSC’s website and brainstorming ways to improve. Wording, and rewording content. Collecting and condensing information.

There are some weeks that move fast and some that move slow. It is all about finding ways to do quality work, even when work lacks quantity.


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