Excited and Inspired

Hey everyone! As week 4 comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on how this week has looked very different for me in an exciting way. I’ve learned over the past few weeks that creating a communications plan is hard work. It takes planning, organizing, re-phrasing, refining ideas, collaborating……and then the process starts over again. After working extensively on my communications plan for the Vehicle Donation Program for the summer and fall, this week I was finally able to take some more concrete action steps. I met with Lynne, our graphic designer, to discuss my ideas and to ask her to help me by creating some graphics that will tie the campaign together. Once she creates these visual components, I’ll be able to add them to my written pieces and “launch” the marketing and communications campaign.

I also learned quite a bit about brand standards this week. As I got into the nitty-gritty details of writing suggested social media posts and thinking about the kinds of images I wanted to use, I took a look at the RMHC brand standards handbook, and I was thoroughly impressed! I learned a lot about how to read that kind of document, and how detailed and comprehensive the standards must be in order for the brand image to remain consistent in all forms of advertising and promotion. Familiarizing myself with the RMHC standards really helped to inform the ideas included in my communications plan and to point me in the right direction moving forward. (Oh, and I got to hang out with Matt Barnes from NBC 4 this morning to promote our Food Truck Friday event-have I mentioned that I have the coolest job ever?!)

In other news, we had a learning session for the Fellowship on Tuesday of this week, and we were truly enlightened on a variety of topics surrounding non-profit careers and leadership development. We discussed the importance of prioritizing not only work but also relationships and other aspects of life, the uniqueness of the non-profit sector and some of the benefits and challenges that presents, the importance of taking initiative, and some important qualities that effective leaders possess. We also discussed the importance of being open to different roles and experiences and the fact that there are many avenues that can be taken in order to reach larger career/life goals, and that we shouldn’t worry too much about the details. One of my favorite quotes was “There is more than one path to your passion”. I think that is such a simple truth that we often take for granted. As a college student, I’m constantly thinking about what kind of impact I want to make when I get into the workforce, how far I want to climb in my career, and what I want my life to look like in 10 years. Though those things are important to consider, it’s so easy to become overwhelmed by the big picture and to become so afraid of making a “wrong” move that I hesitate to make a move at all. Our discussion was a reminder to me that sometimes I need to focus on the next step instead of the next 20. When I only look at the massive goals they feel so far away, but when I take a moment to zoom in, I realize that I’m taking baby steps to reach them every day. Now, for example, I’m interning at an amazing organization that gives back to the community in a meaningful way, I’m surrounding myself with like-minded young and old professionals who are incredible resources, and I’m part of a program that is teaching me so so much about non-profit organizations and serving others through community development. I’m humbled and excited for the opportunity to have such a unique experience, and I look forward to seeing what the next steps are in the path to my passion.


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  1. em says:

    I’m so happy that you’re enjoying your internship and that its goals and missions are so important to you!

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