Week 4 Wrap Up

Hi there! Honesty time. Writing this blog each Friday morning is always overwhelming for me at first , how am I supposed to sum up 40 hours of life in a few paragraphs!? After settling into the fact that it does not have to be eloquent nor incredibly in depth, I find myself thankful for this time of reflection towards the week.

All too often, I go through life -specifically transitional times- always looking forward to what is next. What will my life look like when I am finished with this fellowship? Where will I work? Where will I be in 5, 10 years? All of these forward questions can put me in a state of focusing so much on the future that I fail to enjoy where I am now and appreciate all of the goodness that was in the past week. I used to love to journal when I was a kid but somewhere in college that became a “waste of time” to me. Reflecting and writing again feels familiar but somewhat unsettling at the same time because now I am not the only one reading it. So thank you, to whoever you are that is reading this, for helping me reflect and write again. Please excuse (or embrace) the sap.


Here we are, what this blog is actually supposed to be about. The planning process for my vertical upcycled herb garden is in full swing. I got to meet with a Board member named Lori who is a master gardener and is thrilled about helping me with the project. We are going to turn it into an educational program for the community so that anyone can learn how to have a little garden made out of materials they might already have laying around (plastic or glass bottles, wooden pallets- easily found at home improvement stores etc.). I love projects like this that create something beautiful and functional but I would not call myself a gardener in the slightest, so I am very thankful for the support of people like Lori and all my wonderful coworkers.



These are what the gardens will (hopefully) look like when it is finished in August! Except it will be filled with yummy summer herbs like cilantro and basil!



In addition to planning my project, I am continuing to help out with social media outreach, which is a realm I have had some experience in, but would not consider myself a natural at sharing everything with the world so it has definitely been a learning process! I also got to read for preschool storytime this week (every Thursday and Saturday at 10am!) which was refreshing for me. I love the energy that the little kiddos bring to the center and to my day.  This week was filled with some other “bright spots” that included:

  • Building my first workbench
  • Riding my bike to work
  • Finding a praying mantid
  • Getting to meet some baby monarchs (aka caterpillars)
  • Hearing from some amazing speakers that the Columbus Foundation brought in to share their stories and wisdom with us!

Stay tuned for more (productive) shenanigans! Thanks for reading!

Peace and trees,




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