Week Four: Part of the team!

Week 4 at the Worthington Resource Pantry has been super busy but also super fun at the same time! As I have said before, I cannot believe I’ve only been working here for this short amount of time. My coworkers are simply the BEST and we all work so well together, it feels like I belong.

We had another Learning Session at The Columbus Foundation this week- which was great like always! I love being able to catch up with my fellow fellows (see what I did there?), keeping up with their projects, and being able to emphasize with their struggles. In addition, we were able to learn from some amazing community members who have made serious moves in Columbus through their nonprofit careers. Being able to talk to two former fellows was so inspiring because they know what we’re going through and because of that were able to give great advice to all of us regarding the navigation of our nonprofit lives! On top of all of that amazing news, they gave us EXCELLENT advice on leadership. One quote that stuck with me, and has played out for me here at the pantry, was,

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

That is the honest truth! This week at the pantry, we got blizzards donated by Dairy Queen for our neighbors to enjoy while they wait to shop for food! What an excellent example of going farther together- and the ice cream was just a bonus! Inventory of the whole pantry had to be done this week as well, as we come to the end of the fiscal year. It took all of us working on just that for almost two days, but we got it done (in record time, might I add) and with smiles on our faces. My major take-away from Week 4 is that nobody accomplishes anything alone, you truly go farther together.

With individuals taking on the work here as one staff, with neighbors in Worthington giving their time volunteer, and with Columbus as a whole working towards a better future, we will go far!


Until next week,



About nataliegilbertblog

Currently a full-time Summer Fellow at the Worthington Resource Pantry with The Columbus Foundation, continually pursuing opportunities to achieve health access and equity.
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