Westerville Symphony on the move

By: Kelsie Fields

Wow! What a busy week it has been at the Westerville Symphony. We have been moving to a new office which has been exciting!

On Monday, we had our annual end-of-the-year board meeting which is the most important meeting of the year. We discuss big goals for the upcoming season, our budget for the new year, and more! Because of the size of the Symphony, the board operates a little differently from the other nonprofits I have been a part of. That is one of my favorite things about nonprofit boards–they are all completely different but equally important to the organizations!


We also spent time this week preparing for the big move, which we completed today. It’s very interesting seeing all of the changes happening at the Westerville Symphony right now and even more interesting to be a part of them. Goodbye, old office!


This Sunday, July 2nd, we are hosting our annual Sounds of Freedom concert! Our amazing Conductor, Peter Stafford Wilson, has put together a compilation of patriotic popular tunes that everyone knows and loves. I’m excited to see our first event of the summer come to fruition! I have only actually been to a professional symphony orchestra performance once, so I am very curious to see how this concert will be different! The event is outside, and I know that this will give the event a very unique feel and sound.

Some may think that the symphony is stuffy or not accessible, but that is simply not true. Events like this make it possible for everyone to connect to symphonic music because it is outside, the symphony plays popular songs, and admission is free! The Westerville Symphony is unique in its approach to music because it is more than just a symphony–it’s a community organization that strives to bring people and families together, and this is the best part about it!

Stay tuned next week for updates about the concert and our upcoming fundraiser!

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