Week Four

This week I got to try my hand at a couple new skills that I never thought I would have a reason to try. Early in the week I borrowed a nice camera from the Hilltop YMCA, which runs a photography club for kids, so that I could attempt to take photos of the inside of the Hoover Y facilities for our website and social media. My photo taking experience is limited to quick snaps on my phone, but I think for being a complete novice and not having any lighting equipment the pictures I took turned out pretty well!

On Wednesday one of our facilities staff came into the office and surprised me by offering to teach me how to drive a tractor. It was a little bit of a nostalgic moment for me since my grandmother had a tractor that she let all the kids ride on when we were little. I had always been too young to drive it, though, so I of course jumped at the opportunity. I was caught off guard by how many controls and steps there were to just getting it started, but I think I was a natural in the end.

I’ve been working on pulling a fundraiser together for the Learning Garden this past week as well. I had a really encouraging meeting with Chef Kuukua who owns Asempe Kitchen to organize a cooking demonstration to be held out in the park. From sitting down and talking with her it’s clear that she shares the same passion for the community building power of food that I and the staff at Hoover do, so a collaboration with her feels like a perfect match. We’re hoping to hold the event at the beginning of August and that it will bring folks out to see the Learning Garden who might not otherwise have known about it.


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