Week 4: on flexibility

One full month at DSC. That is such a strange thing to think about. I have read it takes around 21-30 days to make a habit. Coming into work at DSC has become not only a habit, but a routine I look forward to. Before I start getting all sentimental – I can only imagine what my blog post will be week 10 – I will write about what I did this week and what I learned.

This week I was entirely motivated for change. Not in an ‘I’m going to change the world’ kind of way, but more in an ‘I’m going to make this document grammatically correct’ kind of way. Baby steps. I created a word document with website content edits to be implemented. I brainstormed future marketing ideas. I edited, edited, and edited again our Case for Support document (still editing). All these projects felt familiar to me. I felt like I could apply my skills in very practical ways. It felt good not to have to ask my supervisor, “okay what’s next?” every couple of hours.

I feel like I accomplished a lot this week. But I also learned that in order to really get things done, I need to be flexible. Not everything will go exactly as I hope. There will be disagreements on outlook, efficiency, and even word choice. Choose your battles. Ultimately, team work means valuing a group perspective above individual perspective. That is where the best work can be produced, if there is flexibility. That is a humbling lesson.

I do not have access to the website template, so I had to submit my changes via word document. I researched alternative do-it-yourself web templates before learning that we are in a year contract with our current one. I asked around to find appropriate terminology alternatives for “individuals with hearing loss” to be used in the Case for Support document. All these things I wanted to complete on my own, but kept finding that I need the input/permission/information from others in order to really get things done. And ultimately, I think teamwork always creates a better outcome.

Karlee H.

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