Week Four Recap

Hello, hi, welcome to my Week Four Recap!

Week Four was… so many things. I feel like every day that I spend at LeaderSpark goes quicker than the last because thinking back to last week, it genuinely only feels like I was in the office for about 2 hours total (I was there a lot longer than that). I think that’s what is supposed to happen, though, when you’re doing meaningful work that you enjoy. Time is supposed to go by quickly and at the end of the day, you look around and wonder where the day went because you were so invested in the work that you were doing. That’s pretty cool.

So Week Four got me working quite a bit on the IGNITE Back-To-School Retreat that LeaderSpark is hosting during the beginning of August. So most importantly… If you know any 14-17 year olds that want to start the school year off right with a retreat… You know where to go!


Here is one (of about a million different styles of flyer) that I made for the event- so act fast and get all of those really awesome and empowered youth that you know to sign up! Or maybe you don’t know any youth from 14-17 that you’d like to come, you can always donate to the cause so we can help youth afford this really really incredible experience.

You can donate here: igfn.us/form/O18bYQ

Anywho, working on IGNITE with Kay and Solomon, our July newsletter (which I need to get out today or tomorrow… yikes!) has kept me more than busy! I’ve thought of a few different ways to start spicing up our newsletter a bit, so hopefully I can implement that this month and get the ball rolling for months to come after I’m gone! Speak of the devil, Kay is calling me into her office now. Guess that means it’s time to sign off!

Until next time, my friends!



PS Here is a picture of Kay and Solomon in case you’re curious who I’m working with. They’re good humans; I’m a big fan. 🙂


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