Honey, I’m Good.

Hello, hi, welcome to my second post in two days! (I promise you, though, this bonus post is worth it!)

LeaderSpark is predominately an organization that hosts leadership development events, workshops, and programs throughout the year to help youth grow into strong, independent members of society. Some of the projects that they engage in, though, are a little more hands on, and I’m pretty excited that I’ve had the opportunity to dip my toes into one of them recently- Honey Child.

honeychild candles.png

Honey Child is a social enterprise that was started by some of the youth that have participated in the LeaderSpark curriculum. They make honey, chapstick, and candles… from scratch. Which means these students are L I T E R A L L Y doing BEEKEEPING, managing their expenses, and doing everything it takes to create their own business, which is pretty dang cool!


All I’m saying is… the youth that we work with are pretty amazing. I worked to get some of the newly created candles ready to sell recently and seeing how much this enterprise has expanded since the Honey Child group started in just November 2016 is incredibly inspiring. These students want to learn and grow and make a difference, and I can’t even begin to describe how meaningful it is for me to be a part of an organization that makes that happen for them. A lot of the students that we work with are considered to be some that society as deemed unworthy or has given up on, but being a part of LeaderSpark… I know we never will. They deserve so, so much more.




If you would like to buy any honey, chapstick, or candles from Honey Child, email Kay Wilson at kay@leaderspark.org or call our office at 1-614-442-7899.

(Heads up: the candles are honey and mint scented and likely the most amazing thing you’ll ever smell in your time on this earth)



Until next time, my friends!



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