Non-Profit Experience

Hi Everyone! I’d like to take the opportunity on this blog post to inform some of you about why I am interested in the non-profit sector and my future career aspirations. I’m sure not all of you know my academic background, but I am currently a student at the Ohio State University double majoring in Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability (EEDS) and Public Management, Leadership, and Policy (PMLP); and delving even further, my specialization within EEDS is international development. Trust me, I know all of that is a mouthful to say; so to put it into simpler terms, I study international environmental and developmental economics and public policy.

I have explored many different career fields, and I’m still not sure what I want to do “when I grow up.” However, my agenda moving into the professional world is to adjust environmental policy surrounding social injustice both domestically and internationally; now, I have no clue whether that means I should join the Peace Corps or become an environmental lobbyist in Washington D.C.

Even though I am uncertain about what the future holds, I do know that working with non-profits is vital in my field of work. I think that by working in the non-profit sector, I can better understand how small organizations can change the communities in which they are present. For example, if I do become an environmental lobbyist, then I can appreciate and understand the work that non-profits do everyday. On the other hand, I just worked on a development project in Tanzania this past May, and we worked closely with a non-profit there called the Kilimanjaro Hope Organization (KiHO). Even though I had been working on the project for only a few months and I had only been in country for a few weeks, I now appreciate the work that the members of that organization do everyday. No matter what field I decide to go into, having experience in the non-profit sector will take me a long way.

In conclusion, I think that working in the non-profit sector is highly beneficial to my professional development. Through working in the non-profit sector, I can carry the skills and appreciation that I have gained into the professional world.

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