Week 5

Hello again!

This week flew by as the middle of the week holiday sort of threw off the routine a bit, which was appreciated by everyone! In the heat of the summer, it is easy to begin to dread going outside and instantly being swallowed up by humidity, especially when a large percentage of your work is outside. This week, I was refreshed by the excitement of the 4th of July and the true tastes, smells, and memories of summer that make me wish it would last all year around.

Kristina, who does the finances for the Audubon Center, gave me a crash course on how to keep a nonprofit alive financially and the day to day spreadsheets that keep us on track.  July 1st was the beginning of the fiscal year, so I got to see how the center did last year in terms of expenses and income (in the form of grants, individual donors, and corporate sponsorship). I would not say that I am a natural when it comes to Excel or numbers in general, but it was fascinating (and not as scary as I imagined!) to learn about all the intricacies and detail that go in to keeping a nonprofit running.  I am so thankful when a staff member sits down with me to explain something I might just be expected to pick up without a briefing otherwise. Shout out to Katie who taught me how to use a dichotomous key today, which is a fancy word for a plant identification guide.

Another highlight of this week was going to COSI After Dark with my coworkers. It was fun to interact with everyone after work hours and explore the wonders of science right next door to us! I even got to be first in line for the Unicycle which has always been a dream of mine to ride (but the line is always crazy long), so that was a check mark off the bucket list.

IMG_7309Next week we will be buying supplies for and making the palette gardens so stay tuned for that! The “Upcycled Herb Garden” educational program will be at the Audubon Center on August 9th at 6:30pm, mark your calendars! We will be sharing how to make your own upcycled garden and grow delicious herbs in it. I am no master gardener so my new friend (and Grange Insurance Audubon Center Board member) Lori will be helping me out with this endeavor.




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