Week Five

This week I’ve been really focused on getting the Learning Garden fundraiser off the ground. Though I’ve organized community events before while working with other community gardens, I’ve never been tasked with putting a fundraiser together. My experience so far has been overwhelmingly positive. My supervisor is both supportive of and excited for the event, which makes the planning really fun. The event is also the unveiling of the Hoover Haven, the newly renovated garden education center.

I reached out to Chef Kuukua who owns Asempe Kitchen to discuss working with her for the event and she was completely on board. She will give a cooking demonstration of her unique take on Ghanaian cuisine to guests that buy tickets for the event. Guests will, of course, be given samples of the food and will then be offered the opportunity to purchase larger portions prepared by Chef Kuukua. Though the Hoover Haven is too small to hold the event, we’re excited to have Chef Kuukua break in the new kitchen by using it to prepare the meal beforehand. Proceeds from ticket sales and from the sale of food will directly benefit the Learning Garden and support the development of educational programs for the Hoover Haven.  

It’s been really fulfilling to take a project from a vague idea to a concrete set of plans. I’m really excited that I found someone like Chef Kuukua to do the cooking demonstration because she’s spent her career using her kitchen to build community and bring people together, which is exactly what we hope to do at the Learning Garden. I’ve also enjoyed the experience of figuring out the logistics of hosting a fundraiser, like budgeting, securing donations, coordinating schedules, and marketing and promotion. I’m excited to share the flyer and link to the Facebook event and ticket information once our marketing team finalizes everything!

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