“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” – Lady Bird Johnson

Lady Bird Johnson would often use the quote “Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” Hope Hollow’s first summer fundraiser called “A Garden Party” is coming up on July 15th, and we decided to coin the term as well (because how much more fitting can it get?!). All ticket purchases and donations for this specific event will go towards benefiting children and young adults who receive services from Hope Hollow. Kim Knoppe and Marian Hutson, dear friends of Hope Hollow, have witnessed the effects that cancer has on their loved ones and graciously offered to put on this event.

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A guest attending “A Garden Party” will receive a catered meal and drinks, enjoy live music by Matt Munhall, hear testimonies from those who have been touched by Hope Hollow, and so much more. As Hope Hollow continues to grow and gain recognition among communities of central Ohio (and beyond) fundraisers such as “A Garden Party” provide a small nonprofit various opportunities. For example, we are able to raise funds for an amazing mission, while at the same time spread the word about Hope Hollow to possible stakeholders: patients in need, interested donors, community partners, volunteers, etc.

It is easy for me to speak so highly about Hope Hollow because I have been behind the scenes getting to know the founders, Kevin and Jane Clark, interacting with cancer patients, and working aside committee members who are also passionate about what we are doing. However, I have no doubt that attendees of “A Garden Party” will be just as inspired as I am.


*Above is a picture of Jane holding a little boy named Aiden. He has since become an angel in heaven, but has never left Hope Hollow’s hearts or minds. Aiden is just one of the reasons “A Garden Party” will benefit the youth.

So what exactly has Hope Hollow had me busy with these past few weeks?…a variety of things let me tell ya!

  • I am working along side Kim Knoppe and Marian Hutson to make sure everything for “A Garden Party” is squared away. Some of these things involve, contacting all Columbus Parishes so we can advertise the fundraiser in their bulletins, recruiting friends and relatives to attend the fundraiser, ordering and purchasing materials for the gift-bags, putting together PowerPoints, organizing volunteers, and a lot more that I am forgetting to mention.
  • Kevin and Jane Clark continue to keep me involved with the patients that we serve too. I have listened in on many phone calls, delivered grocery and gas gift-cards to social workers, and even had the opportunity to meet a social worker from the Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center.  Hope Hollow has brought some of the most faith filled and strong individuals into my life, and I continue to watch and learn from them in complete awe.
  • I have also been utilizing the education the John Glenn College of Public Affairs has provided me with (and the education my parents have so generously have allowed me to pursue) in my daily work. Courses I have taken in community development, nonprofit management, nonprofit boards & governance, etc. have allowed me to take what I have learned and put it into practice. Whether that be working with authority, or communicating to board members I feel I have the knowledge to do so appropriately.

Week number 5?! Where in the world has this summer gone…

What this fellowship has taught me in these weeks…

  1. I have one incredible support system! I cannot say thank you enough to the friends and family who have kindly supported Hope Hollow and I during this fundraiser. I am so grateful for everyone who has bought a ticket or donated (especially those all the way in Cincinnati and South Carolina)!
  2. Cancer SUCKS! but it doesn’t define an individual by any means. Recently, Hope Hollow has had several members of its community pass away. Although it is very sad, the hope and courage of their loved ones is contagious and unwavering.
  3. I am realizing the difficulty behind event planning and fundraising. My hat goes off to those who do this for a living…boy is it tough!
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