Week Five- We’re Halfway There!

Whoa, we’re halfway through the summer already- it’s SO hard to believe I’ve only been at the Resource Center for 5 weeks. Time sure does fly when you’re having so much non-profit fun! This week was cut short with the 4th of July on Tuesday, but we still managed to get a lot of work done over here at the Worthington Resource Pantry.

Kelly and I got to meet with the chair of our fundraising event to catch up and evaluate the status of our to-do list in preparation for our event! Getting to be apart of the task-oriented side of the event has been really rewarding because I get to be the staff person executing some in’s and out’s of the preparation. An annual fundraising event requires all hands on-deck and because it is an event with so much going into it, I get to be a major contributor to the work! Although it’s only July and our event isn’t until September, we need to be thinking ahead about sponsors, decorations, venue layout, lighting, etc. which means there are no small tasks.

Along with event planning tasks, I did a lot of administrative tasks as well, which like I’ve previously mentioned, is all part of the job. Every staff person is apart of every task so it’s all in a day’s work. That being said, I was also the staff person who was on duty on Saturday morning to receive our delivery from Fresh Thyme- yes, we get yummy food from Fresh Thyme! I did not mind at all working on Saturday morning, it was actually inspiring to work with volunteers who volunteer their Saturday mornings to come help us at the pantry.

Anytime I start to get tired or burnt out because of my work at the pantry, I remind myself that the work we are doing is not only important, but it works. We get to see the end results of our work, and we get so much gratitude from our neighbors!

Let’s get this second half of the summer started!


Until next week,



About nataliegilbertblog

Currently a full-time Summer Fellow at the Worthington Resource Pantry with The Columbus Foundation, continually pursuing opportunities to achieve health access and equity.
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