My Week of Meme Mastering

Hello, hi, welcome to my Week Five recap! It’s crazy to think that I am already in the second half of my fellowship with LeaderSpark this summer. It seems like I jumped into the commotion of this second-home of mine just yesterday, but somehow instead, five weeks flew by!

Last week, I wasn’t in the office as much with the holiday (Happy Fourth to you and yours!), but that did not slow down the work load that I found myself with. Towards the beginning of my fellowship, I sometimes found myself without much to do, but that time has surely passed. Last week, I found myself with a steady stream of graphics to make, posts to plan, and videos to prep for. Even as I’m writing this blog post, I’m making mental notes of all of the tasks that I need to complete today.

A majority of the time last week (and what will be this week as well), I dedicated my time to our IGNITE: Back to School Retreat and its promotions on social media platforms. That’s where the memes come in! We are reaching out to a young market- teens ages 14-17, so we figured that we’d relate to them the best way that we know how- MEMES. And that means that I got to spend a ridiculous amount of time creating memes (and, albeit, other graphics) to help get our youth to sign up for this awesome event. And just because I know that you are DYING to see one, here is one of my favorites…

mr beanMostly because Mr. Bean is underrated comedy GOLD… but I digress.

If you know any youth who might be interested in participating in our overnight retreat on August 4 & 5, send them my way! We have room for 20 students to stay overnight, and we’d love to fill that up by the time our Early Bird Window closes on July 14. This retreat is going to be a really great opportunity to develop self-efficacy and leadership skills as they go into their formative high school years– so register now!!! Here is the information for those of you who don’t feel like going to the LeaderSpark website to find it…

ignite flyer 2

Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll see you next week!

Until next time, my friends,


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