Flyers and Filming

Hello! I am finishing up Week 6 at Ronald McDonald House Charities in Columbus and this week has been full of excitement-including the release of the first visual pieces for the communications campaign that I have been working on from our wonderful graphic designer, Lynne!! (Now that I can show you the look of the campaign, I can explain the idea behind it too).

I gathered from my initial research that a lot of the existing online pages for the Vehicle Donation Program were kind of a basic shell of information-they explained what the program was and the necessary steps to donate, but they didn’t explain the impact behind those donations. RMHC is a very mission focused organization that likes to keep its purpose clear in all of its communications efforts, so I saw this as a potential area for growth, which is what sparked the idea for the design of this campaign.

The campaign is called “What Drives RMHC” and we’re using it as an opportunity to showcase the heart of the RMHC mission and the many things that drive us as an organization while keeping consistent with the vehicle-specific theme of the program (what DRIVES rmhc-get it?! I thought it was pretty clever). The goal of the campaign is to show the direct impact that donated vehicles (and all kinds of donations) have on children and families served by RMHC, with the hope that people will desire to participate in the program and become a part of that impact themselves. I am currently in the process of gathering pictures, quotes, stats, and additional graphics that will allow us to tell the RMHC story from a variety of perspectives-including those of children and families, staff, volunteers, and RMHC supporters. It feels good to start seeing some of the finished products of the work I’ve done so far, and we got to use the flyers for the first time publicly today at our Food Truck Friday event, which was really exciting!!


Here is a small version of one of the flyers that Lynne and I collaborated on with a matchbox car at Food Truck Friday today! 

I also had the opportunity to learn a little bit about video production this week!! We filmed a general “thank you” video that includes all of the staff members saying “Thank You” in many creative ways that can be used at special events and sent out to donors and volunteers. It was a lot of fun to be a part of the video and to see all of the different “Thank You” segments. Henry the house dog even waved to show his thanks right on cue! After the thank you video, we filmed an additional video while we still had access to the film crew and equipment. This video was a family testimonial video featuring two parents and their daughter, who was born with a congenital heart defect. It was inspiring to sit in on the interview and listen to this family tell their story about the trials they went through as well as how thankful they were for RMHC in the midst of those trials. It was an awesome reminder about why we do what we do, and how important it is that organizations like this exist. I even got to help hold the microphones in place for the shoot “backstage”! The filming process was a really unique experience for me because video is one aspect of communications that I have not had any experience with before, and it was fun to learn something new. Things are going great here and I’m so excited to continue to move forward with my projects in the weeks ahead!

ryan and dee_thankyouvideo.jpg

Ryan (Sr. Director of Communications and Facilities, also my supervisor) and Dee (CEO and Executive Director of RMHC of Central Ohio) were featured in the intro to the House “Thank You” video this week.


“Behind the scenes” filming of a family testimonial video in the RMHC library 



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