Icky, Sticky, and Just Plain Gross

This week’s Summer Art Workshop was “Icky, Sticky, and Just Plain Gross”. We made art that you probably are imaging – slime, textile bugs, and intestines. Wednesday’s theme was the five senses and we explored a few interesting sensory activities with the children. One game we played involved “feel boxes”. These boxes contained different textures made by objects such as feathers, fake hair, and stuffing. Then, the boxes were covered in fabric and the children could stick their hands inside without seeing the objects. We created a group story using our sense of touch as inspiration for the tale. I was impressed to hear our 3-6-year-old children were able to feel something like feathers and interpret that into a bird-like character for our story.



Anther sensory activity to explored Wednesday, took place in the second floor galleries of the museum. We used one gallery that held mostly impressionist paintings. We provided groups of two students with “smell boxes”. These were small containers with a piece of cloth inside that had been soaked in an essential oil such as lavender, sweet orange, or lemon grass. Each group smelled their boxes and then found a painting in the gallery that they felt the smell would live inside. One group of girls were given the lavender smell box and matched it with a work that depicted a forest and colorful flowers. This activity allowed the students to experience art in a multisensory way – using both their eyes and noses.

Dance programming – more info to come!

I feel that I can put my specific background in dance, education, and facilitating community classes to use at CMA! After talked with my supervisor, we agreed that there may be a place at CMA to insert dance into some of the existing programming or creating new programming that incorporates dance. I am very excited to share more about this in the future.

Chloe Napoletano

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