Week Six



With the registration now live for the Learning Garden fundraiser, I’ve been focusing on getting the word out about the event. I’ve spent some time driving around to Columbus businesses to drop off flyers or hang them up on community boards in hopes of attracting people who have never been out to the Hoover Y Park to buy tickets. I also plan to canvas the couple dozen houses right around the grounds of the park to personally invite our neighbors.

Making sure that we have high participation in the Asempe Kitchen fundraiser is even more imperative now after a major setback in the Learning Garden this week. The heavy rain caused the river on the back part of the park grounds to overflow, completely flooding the garden and washing away months of hard work by our gardener and volunteers. It’s likely that all of the greens and the green bean plants won’t make it. Hopefully, since the tomato plants hadn’t started flowering, they’ll still be able to produce edible fruit. We won’t know exactly what needs to be done to restore the garden until it drains and dries, but we’ll certainly need all hands on deck from community volunteers to get the Learning Garden back on its feet.

To survey the damage more closely, our garden manager and another garden staff member borrowed some kayaks from a neighbor and actually kayaked through the garden. I was a little disappointed that I had worn nice clothes to work because I definitely would have asked for a chance to go check it out as well.

If you’re interested in attending the Learning Garden fundraiser you can register by following this link: http://www.ymcacolumbus.org/hoover/pages/learning_garden_fundraiser. I’m really excited for it and hope that we can get enough people to come out and help support the Learning Garden, especially now!

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