Another Week Bites The Dust

Hi, hello, welcome! Here we are at the beginning of Week 7, and I suppose that means it’s time for me to tell you all about the ups, downs, joys and adventures of Week 6 at LeaderSpark!

Right now, the main focus of our organization is the IGNITE: Back to School Retreat. I’ve talked a bit about it in my last few blog posts, but that’s because we’ve been working to get ready for it pretty much nonstop (at least I have, anyway). When I’m not making memes (see last week’s post), creating graphics, or scheduling social media posts, I’m helping Kay and Solomon revise some curriculum for the retreat itself. I think getting to experience the path to developing leadership curriculum has been my favorite part of the internship so far. Leadership Training is my biggest passion, so I am incredibly thankful that I’ve been able to at least dabble in the process during my time with LeaderSpark this summer.

One of the bigger projects that I have been tasked to work on this summer is creating marketing videos to fundraise and promote the organization. Learning more about video editing software is a skill that I’ve really looked forward to acquiring this summer, and I got my first shot at it last week! I helped film a couple short, easy clips to promote the IGNITE Retreat, and I didn’t particularly edit the footage itself too much, but I did add some titles and screens to it… Slow but steady, right? 🙂 And when I get some good footage from the IGNITE Retreat, I’ll be able to make a more general video for the organization as a whole that (hopefully!) they will be able to use to promote the organization even after I’m gone.

For now, though, the IGNITE Retreat is our priority. As amazing as LeaderSpark is, it’s a bit discouraging to see the organization struggle to get the students it needs to fill up the retreat. This organization helps community youth SO MUCH; it’s hard for me to understand how they don’t have a greater reach to the community. It’s also a bit frustrating that despite the outreach that myself, Solomon, and Kay are doing, other community organizations aren’t as dedicated to helping develop today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders as much as we are. The kids we work with are so wonderful, and I just wish everyone encouraged them as much as LeaderSpark tries to.

Anywho, this is getting lengthy now– so I think we will call it a day here! Remember, the IGNITE: Back to School Retreat registration closes FRIDAY, so be sure to spread the word to any youth you know that might be interested! 🙂


Until next time, friends!


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