New World Singers and CCC

This week I am highlighting the New World Singers since they are traveling to Austria and Hungary on Monday. They have been going through an intense boot camp learning and perfecting new songs. They are directed by Jeanne Wohlgamuth who has been pushing them all week and they sound excellent. I am amazed every day at how angelic they sound. The choir members range from 6th to 12th grade. What was I doing summer time when I was in middle school? Not choir boot-camps! These kids are COMMITTED! They have been here from 8am-3pm every day this week. Another great thing about this group is their variety of talents. Most students sing and play one or more instruments. I think this is common among choral singers. For example, when I was in choir I also became interested in the orchestra, so in middle school, I started playing the cello. To this day I still enjoy listening to classical music.

During their trip, they will sing with the Vienna Boys Choir and visit different attractions, sites, and locations in Austria and Hungary. I think it is pretty awesome that these students get global experiences through their participation. Watching their practices and listening to them interact just reiterates the skills learned while in organizations like Columbus Children’s Choir. As I talk to alumni and choir parents, the fondest memories always come from their European tour and the relationships they created within the choir. Some singers have remained friends and continue to perform together.

I know I talk about all the benefits of joining groups like this choir, but I really cannot say enough. Choir members learn how to work in teams, gain global experiences, learn about different cultures, sing with European choirs, learn new languages, and musical stylings. How great is that? I highly suggest involving kids in the choir, there are so many benefits.


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