Right in the middle of it all!

By Kelsie Fields, Westerville Symphony

This past week at the Westerville Symphony was busy! We are right in the middle of preparations for the Beethoven 5k which is coming up in just a few weeks! I have been working on our email campaigns, designing social media posts, and reaching out to local businesses for donations.

I have also been writing our weekly blog, and last week I had the interesting task of writing a column about how to enjoy symphony music! This was a fun challenge for me, as I am someone who has never had musical training and someone who wouldn’t typically attend a symphony performance. It really pushed me to dig deep into some great classical works and to bring together advice from others who were in the same boat.

Connecting to symphony music or classical music is important for me not only because I want to have an appreciation for all kinds of art, but also because classical music is the heart and soul of my summer fellowship placement! I feel as though I have gained a greater appreciation for classical music and the way it can be used to convey a range of deep emotions.

On another note, the Beethoven 5k is right around the corner, so we have been working on everything from social media to designing t-shirts to coordinating swag bags for the runners. I enjoy very much being behind the scenes of the 5k instead of running it! Seeing it come together in just 2 weeks will be very rewarding and a fun event for a summer morning.

Aside from the Beethoven 5k, I have been completing professional development projects related to nonprofit administration and creative marketing. I have enjoyed this part of the job because prioritizing professional development is very important to me. Through working with nonprofits throughout college, I learned very quickly that the more skills I had, the better. Taking advantage of these webinars and other tutorials in addition to my fellowship projects has been very helpful in giving me a wholistic experience this summer!

Thanks for reading!




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