Week Seven: Girls, Who Run the (Non-profit) World

Week seven has been awesome, inspiring, and best of all filled to the brim with girl power! I have bragged plenty about my coworkers but this week our executive director, Jennifer, and our Development Director, Kelly, killed it every day and they have left me fired up to make some serious change in our community.

Our week started with a meeting at CoHatch (seriously love this place in downtown Worthington) with Tania from Porttion. We were able to sit down with her for about an hour listening to her organization’s purpose and how it intersects with ours, and her organization offered to donate their leftover (super healthy, might I add) food to the pantry every week! And as if that wasn’t enough, we are partnering with Porttion to plan a donor appreciation event. This meeting was my absolute favorite part of the week because it was jam-packed with ideas, saying “yes” to ideas that haven’t been done before, and community partners coming together to support each other, not compete with each other. And best of all, all of the movers and shakers involved were women! If nothing else, this fellowship has inspired me everyday to keep pursuing my passions and  to not underestimate my abilities.


Kelly (left) and Jennifer (right) sitting outside after our meeting at CoHatch, soaking up our successful meeting!

This week we also had a Steering Committee meeting for our annual fundraiser which focused mostly on continued gathering of sponsorships. Other than meetings, my week consisted a lot of integrating our organizations data into SalesForce from Sumac, a big change that is very time-consuming but is also very necessary… Another task that seems mundane but is crucial to the operations of a non-profit.

My last thought for this week is another ode to the women I work with, surprise, surprise. On Thursday morning I walked into the office to find Kelly, Jennifer, and Janet (our part-time communications staff member, who is also incredible) brainstorming ideas for our 10th Anniversary Celebration! This is not until 2018, mind you, but they already have so many good ideas that I was delegated to start taking notes of them on our chalkboard. These women think way out of the box and do not set any limitations on their ideas.


This is the sign that lives on the door of mine and Kelly’s office, featuring an actual quote from Jennifer, our executive director.

With them, the answer is ALWAYS yes, and the follow-up includes “Ok, so how are we going to do this?”. That has got to be my favorite part of this team- they haven’t made it this far, and this fast, by saying no. Every single person here is willing to work outside of their comfort zone for the improvement of his or her community, and that’s this week’s reason why I love the Worthington Resource Pantry.



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Currently a full-time Summer Fellow at the Worthington Resource Pantry with The Columbus Foundation, continually pursuing opportunities to achieve health access and equity.
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