Without change, there would be no butterflies.

I am not sure who said the quote that I decided to title my blog this week (I tried to look it up and could not find anything), but whoever you are, you are really on to something.  Change is all around us, especially in nature as seasons change the color, size, and function of plants and animals. In my opinion, butterflies exhibit change the most gracefully of all the tiny creatures. The Audubon staff and I spent a lot of time this week marveling at the transformation that was taking place right before our eyes from caterpillar to chrysalis to beautiful butterfly.  Katie, Victoria (the MetroParks interns) felt like proud moms as the damp and frazzled butterflies emerged from their safe chrysalises into the world.



We went through some heartache when a few of the caterpillars came down with the “black death” and did not survive to the chrysalis stage, but that made it all the more sweet when we got to release these survivors into the wild. These butterflies inspired me to believe that beauty can come out of change. Transitioning from college to a 9-5 job has been a challenge, even though I am working at a wonderful place with amazing people. I am moving out of my apartment I have lived in for 2 years next week and I have barely started packing up because I really do not want to leave my cozy home. So thanks, caterpillars-turned-butterflies, for reassuring me that sometimes its okay to change environments in order to get some pretty neat wings.

In other news, I got to build my garden this week and plant a whole bunch of herbs in it! It was a blast that should have been awful considering the heat, but I absolutely loved every second of it. Shout out to Anne, I could not have done it without her!

IMG_7513Pictured above is a tasty mix of basil, sage, parsley, lavender, mint, rosemary, tarragon, curry, and stevia. The gardens have to lay horizontal on the ground for the next 2(ish) weeks so the herbs can take root then we will display them outside the center.

Mark August 9th on your calendars and you too can learn how to grow your own herbs at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center. Until next time!

Peace and trees,



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